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I am the doctor- 11th/12th Doctor changeover

2012 Mindcraft Album Preview

Open Road
A preview from my 'old style' album Mindcraft available on iTunes.

2012 Game Remixes

Mass Effect Theme - Relay Remix

Battlefield 6YS Remix

Wonderboy III Dragon Remix

Sim City 2012 - End Of Days Remix



2011 DrWho Remix



Cyde 3 - The Hangar (Doom e1m1 remix)

Cyde 3 - Linger

Cyde 3 - Myrsa

Cyde 3 - Outlander

Cyde 3 - Smooth War

Cyde 3 - Under the Horsell Common

Cyde 3 - Judgement Day (Another Terminator mix)